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From cars and vans to pulling caravans and trailers through to installation on commercial vehicles, Pro Towbar offer an unrivalled range of well-designed, strong and easy to fit, 2-bolt flange brackets, plus a choice of detachable towbar alternatives for some vehicles.

Fixed Flange

Most commonly used in the uk this is the most cost effective option.

  • Tow  and carry cycles at the same time.
  • Ball height can be adjusted(4x4 and commercial vehicles).
  • Bumper protection shields can be fitted.
  • Tow balls can be fitted.

Detachable Flange

Gives all the same benefits as the fixed flange with the added bonus of being able to be detached from the vehicle.

Fixed Swan Neck

Mainly used in other parts of Europe this is the option with the least flexible design.

  • Compatible with stabilisers and ball mounted cycle carriers.
  • More expensive than fixed flange tow bars.
  • Less likely to affect reverse parking sensors.
  • Not compatible with bumper shields.

Detachable Swan Neck

Used all over Europe this option can be detached when not in use.

  • Detachment gives a slicker look to the vehicle when not towing.
  • Compatible with stabilisers and ball mounted cycle carriers.
  • Won’t affect parking sensors when not towing.

Retractable Tow Bars

At ProTowbar, our retractable tow bars have a  compact construction and special swivel mechanism make these towbars compatible even for cars with limited space available. They are the most convenient option with no getting on your hands and knees to attach or detach. They are immediately ready for use and almost invisible when in the stowed position. The Towbar neck swivels out in a matter of seconds weather it being electrically or manually. Only available for certain vehicles.

Parking Sensors

At Protowbar, we have done the research and found that around 17% of all road accidents involve reversing. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that nearly 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work in the UK occur during some form of reversing manoeuvre.


Our parking sensors can be fitted to the front and/or rear of cars,  commercial vehicles and leisure vehicles such as motorhomes at relatively low cost to protect them from costly scrapes and bumps. All sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour to integrate into the vehicle bumper, while setting adjustments can easily be made to accommodate a towbar or rear mounted spare wheel.

Standard Mount Sensors

A classic parking solution providing simple clip-on installation and reliable protection.A model trusted by many vehicle manufacturers who fit it as standard equipment.

Flush Mount Sensors

Providing a totally flush manufacturer look the sensor housing is adaptable for bumper thickness's of 2mm-4mm to enable perfect flush mount alignment.

Towing Electrics

If you have a Towbar fitted by Protowbar  you will also need electrics to power the lights on your trailer or cycle carrier or a complete system to power the internal electrics in your caravan including lights, fridge, etc. We supply and fit vehicle-Specific towing kits,  Bypass relays,  caravan relays, fog and parking-sensor cut-off relays, sockets, plugs, cable, connectors and fuses - everything essential to tow bar installation.

7 Pin 12N Wiring

12 N type sockets (black) are used for road lighting only. This is currently the most popular plug used for towing as it does the lighting on most trailers and caravans.

7 Pin 12S Wiring

12 S type sockets (grey) are used for the reverse lights and also the permanent 12 volt supply and switched 12volt supply (fridge supply) to the caravan.

13 Pin Wiring

The 13 pin socket incorporates both lighting and charging in one socket and fast becoming the most popular option as all new caravans come with 13 pin as standard.

Vehicle Specific Kits (VSK)

These kits plug into the vehicle’s existing wiring harness and provide either 7 pin or 13 pin solutions that work with your vehicle. Vehicle specific wiring kits provide the ultimate peace of mind in terms of both safety and reliability.

Reversing Cameras

Our reversing cameras take parking safety to the next level with compact dash mounted colour screens or more modern mirror mount monitors enabling drivers to see what is behind their vehicle when reversing.  A reversing camera reduces stress for drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments, and can minimise the hefty bills a commercial vehicle can easily incur in reversing related body damage. Bespoke solutions can be tailored to a customer's exact requirements i.e having the option to switch the camera on when towing to keep an all important eye on your pride and joy behind you.

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